There it comes, another Halloween; spooky and joyful, sweet and bitter, hot and cold, old and new. Yea, doesn’t it? Seems like Halloween is a day when very interesting opposites come together. “Coincidentia Oppositorum”, unity of opposites, as the Latin would call it. And it came to me just now while I am writing, and seems like it is quite a point, ha! Anyways, rather than the philosophy of Halloween, we are gonna talk about what to wear for Halloween 2014.

great gatsby 2014 halloween costume

There are surely a lot of opportunities out there and I am gonna focus on what I think might be an interesting choice; 1920s era, The Great Gatsby Style, Flapper Style are among what this style is called. It has especially quite hot after the re-make of The Great Gatsby movie and parties with Great Gatsby theme have been thrown, wedding ceremonies with Great Gatsby have been all over the place, and even though after some historically themed movies we have been seeing the era’s style being hot for a while and parties being thrown with that specific theme and the style running its course again but for a short time, The Great Gatsby have been very persistent after the re-make of the movie.

great gatsby 2014 halloween costume for kids

And honestly, I think 1920s era style will be hot for quite a long time, probably years to come, maybe decades. The Great Gatsby, or The 1920s Flapper style has been one of my main choices of creations and I have had fabulous feedback from my dear costumers. All which is to say that I have had quite an experience on 1920s era costumes, dresses, accessories and that is, I think, pretty strong reason for me to focus on The Great Gatsby costume for Halloween 2014.

The dress itself only will probably not make the whole costume. You’ll need accessories, jewelry, mask etc. Not only for grown-ups, but it can be an excellent costume for kids, as well, by the way.

great gatsby plus size 2014 halloween costume

In addition to that, if you think it’s a good idea to have a 1920s era style costume for Halloween, you are again at the right place. I have quite a variety of one of a kind dresses, accessories, jewelry of 1920s era in my shop on etsy, 777DressCode. The pictures in this post are of my upcycled, handmade, one of kind 1920s Great Gatsby style items in my shop.You could simply put keywords such as gatsby or great gatsby or 1920s in the search bar in my shop and check the items out, make your own collection and costume. If you’d like to buy more than one items, please contact me first I’d like to offer you great Halloween deals. Also, you could contact me for help, too, while you’re trying to decide on the costume or maybe if you’re looking for a different theme Halloween costume. You’re all very welcome and thank you very much, my dear followers, regular guests, and random visitors :)

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