Vintage Inspired Hand-Dyed Engagement Wedding Lace Dress with Bolero
I had this 80s lacy dress, brand-new; wanted to create a vintage looking wedding / engagement dress out it but as well, wished to give it a little modern look and more personality.I cut the front lower lining from hem up to the knees creating a fish tail on the front bottom, which gives the modern taste of the dress; then I hand-dyed the dress into apricot color, which I achieved doing, and to my surprise, the trims turned out to be light lime color and gave such a whimsical look to the dress.I did not want to change it, because it was so sweet.Then, I made aged looking rosettes using more lace and pearl beads, I sewed them all-together (not glued) and made a belt for the wedding dress.

Wedding Lace Dress with Bolero and Handmade Belt, Size 10
Bust (armpit to armpit): 17 1/2 inches
Rest of it is A Line
Length (from shoulders to hem): 48 inchesĀ 
**The dress stretches a little bit; could be suitable for medium to large
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