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I know, this subject is a difficult one; the dress size charts. What makes is really difficult is that there is no universal size chart which would be valid all over the world; and another difficult part is that even within the same country, different brand names “might” have different size charts according to their creations. Not to forget the different eras; those who are vintage items lovers should already know that especially if you are looking for an item from ten, twenty year back, their sizes will not match with the recent charts either. So, if you are trying to find a universally valid size chart, you can stop looking for it, you would be wasting your time otherwise.

Alright! That was the difficult part. And here is the good part of subject. The only certain way to make 100% sure with the size of a dress when you purchase it online is to have the exact (bust, waist, hips, length) measurements of the dress and grab your tape measure and see it for yourself; unless of you if already know the exact measurements of your bust, waist, hips. That’s what I do with almost all my listings; I give the exact measurements, and the size if available.

So, what good is it to browse a size chart, one may ask. Well, first of all, especially within the country, the size chart differences among different manufacturers are that big; I mean, generally, not too big of a difference to effect your decision. But pay attention to the word “generally”. And secondly, there is such a concept as “US Standard Size Chart” which should help the best possible way. And then, of course, it is always good to have a “second opinion” by looking at the “standard” size chart. If you are looking for a specific brand name dress; you should, first and foremost, check that specific manufacturer’s web site to see their own size chart. If not, and if you are interested in a vintage item, for example, then, the standard size chart will help you have an idea of the sizes and help you make your decision.

Then again, these size charts do not have to coincide with my items in my shop!! This is important!! I am sharing this only to help you make your decision, have an idea. Of course, also for the regular visitors of my web site to browse in-case they need a size chart. So, here they are, one is a standard size chart and another one for plus size:




U.S. Standard Women’s Size Chart (above)


Women’s Plus Size Chart Measurements (above)

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