Upcycled lace embellished pink soft cotton women's gloves

When I found this pair of gloves, it was actually long up to elbows but it had problems on the area right before the elbow. That was just for me! A project, of course! But didn’t know how to fix that area. I could have done it but it would still leave a very visible defect on the same area. So, it would be useless. Then I thought to cut the whole part off the gloves and make it shorter but then it would have looked very casual. Well, let’s make it look more fun, more feminine, more attractive by adding lace and crochet patterns. Here is how it went:

These are my vintage up-cycled soft cotton pink gloves. Originally they were long, but even though they were never worn somehow they had a couple little holes , so I cut them and made them short and sewed on some vintage lace on the edges , the are very soft and stretch some , but the size indicates 7. They came out beautiful ! It was originally made in USA. Ah, right, it is still totally made in USA :)

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