Short Sleeveless Romantic Summer Sundress, Shabby Chic Babydoll Dress
I had a basic beige color dress which had no personality at all.I started working on it by hand-dying for a more vibrant and feminine look and got this pink color.Then, I made same color of underskirt and sewed it together with the dress.It was not all about my project, of course; so, I embellished up front with deep purple flowers and adding a pearl bead in the middle of each flower; sewed all of them, not glued; will last way longer and stand sturdier.I also made a belt and pulled it all together, completing this fabulous project of mine. 

Shabby Chic Babydoll Dress, Pink Beige Sheer  Chiffon Cotton Materials
Bust (armpit to armpit): 16 1/2 inches
Free waist and hips, since it is a babydoll dress.
Length (from shoulders to hem): 30 inches
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