How about a unique Christmas gift? You could easily hand-make or up-cycle yourself by following the tips below in addition to your sewing skills. If you’re too busy for a project like that, for a unique, one of a kind Christmas gift for a loved one of yours, well, then you have a chance to buy the very same item in this tutorial. Leave a feedback below if you need any further instructions for your crochet tutorial, and I will get back to you at first chance.

Green crochet shawl scarf tutorial, unique Christmas gift!

You are viewing my handmade crochet apple green shawl . This very pretty crochet flower I embellished with dark blue/ purple tone lace to make a fashion statement .

Well,  you can make a flower statement with a crochet items really easy b adding a desired lace embellishment , in my case I choose a dark blue almost purple color lace that I had at hand. You could easily choose any other color of the focal point such as deep burgundy, beige , off white or bright lavender; will look pretty even without adding ( sewing ) this flower with a lace , but I just wanted to make something different and unusual . The best combos of green colors are shades of lavender ( in my opinion) , I love this pair of colors the best, they truly offset each other. But other colors will make a fashion statement as well; as in my case I added a bright purple blue. Great statement for fall or winter! Enjoy !


It measures: 88 X 52 X 52 inches

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